Shenzhen Flower Show

Matthew was invited to design a show garden for the 2022 edition of the Shenzhen Flower Show.

The result, entitled ‘Home’, explored the relationship between humans, gardens and environmental considerations, and the reality that the environment isn’t something we can detach ourselves from, it is our home and our responsibility.

The garden took the form of a journey, beginning in the forests and mountains.  Plants native or endemic to SE China formed a backdrop to a stylized ‘mountain’. 

The water from the mountain flowed into a pool, from which a series of ‘skyscrapers’ emerged.  The skyscrapers were fitted with smart lighting to demonstrate the importance of conserving energy, acknowledging that technology can be at the heart of protecting the environment.

The pool also functioned as a practical feature, harvesting the run-off and storm water from the landscape to enable it to be used again in recognition of the critical importance of clean, fresh water for human survival.

Flowing across the rivers that extended from the pool were deep drifts of colourful perennials, demonstrating that it is possible to garden and enjoy colour and still be mindful of the environment by selecting the right plants for the right place.

The delivery of this complex garden was carried out entirely remotely due to the Covid 19 pandemic, with MWG working closely with Hongyue Horticultural Corporation. We were delighted to receive a Gold Award.