“For me, when it comes to designing a garden the relationship with the client is as important as understanding the spirit of the place. It isn’t enough for me just to design a good garden. I want it to be an enjoyable, inspirational process for everyone, because in that way not only is it a fun, creative journey, the end product will be the best it possibly could be, and a source of great pride and happiness.”

Matthew has over 20 years of experience in garden and landscape design.  He has designed beautifully detailed city and country gardens for private clients; created master plans for National Trust and English Heritage properties; made impressive landscapes at one of the UK’s leading independent hotels; and designed gardens at Chelsea Flower Show, including the 2016 BBC/RHS People’s Choice Award winner ‘A Garden For Yorkshire’.

During a ten-year career with the Royal Horticultural Society Matthew designed iconic garden features such as the award winning Dry Garden at Hyde Hall to the much photographed Main Borders and Winter Walk at Harlow Carr.

He occasionally finds the time to work on his own garden in Rutland.

If you would like to talk to Matthew about how he can help with your garden please do email him on